Daniel Wittenberg

Daniel Wittenberg

17-year-old aspiring journalist

I contribute weekly to Metro (football) and Ham&High (features), with experience of writing for the publications below.

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Open uri20140428 14221 y06xzs article
The Guardian

Most young people are interested in politics but are alienated by politicans

Media and parliament should make room for our views in matters of national interest rather than leave celebrities to fill the void.

London palestine action group main article
The Mirror

Pro-Palestinian activists close Staffordshire drone engine factory with rooftop protest over Gaza

Protesters are in a stand off with police after climbing on to the roof of the plant which they claim is supplying equipment to the Israeli military.

Edl disrupt a teeside palestine solidarity vigil in middlesbrough article
The Mirror

Peaceful vigil for victims of Palestine conflict disrupted by EDL members

More than a dozen EDL supporters gatecrashed the weekly vigil in Middlesbrough yesterday.

Open uri20130831 9813 d64uq0 article

EXCLUSIVE: Alastair Campbell says world cannot 'stand by and do nothing' over Syria

Former Labour press chief Alastair Campbell has stressed his belief that world leaders cannot “just stand by and do nothing” regarding the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria.

Child grooming scandals i 011 article
The Guardian

Half of young people in secure homes are innocent of any crime

Fear of 'another Rochdale' is driving councils to place vulnerable children in secure homes, say experts and campaigners.

Open uri20140531 2472 11mvbof article
The Huffington Post United Kingdom

Young people hold the answers in the battle to keep Ukip at bay

The youth are waking up to a country where their views are more crucial than the frontrunners of our democracy may realise.

Open uri20140531 2472 1miqtcm article

Jose Mourinho masterclass proves Arsene Wenger really is a specialist in failure

it is hard to imagine anything which would have heightened the sense of satisfaction after Chelsea's 6-0 triumph over Arsenal at Stamford Bridge.

Capture article
The Huffington Post United Kingdom

No More Excuses: It's Time to Boycott the Despicable Banter Defence

If suggestions that the expression is inherently offensive seem somewhat far-fetched, there is no doubt that lad culture has colonised it. We see banter spilling over into both misogyny and male degradation.

Kate bush 011 article
The Guardian

Bushmania sweeps the nation before comeback gigs

Excitement over Kate Bush's first gigs in 35 years fuels entire cottage industry in memorabilia.

Open uri20140529 6300 in2qn4 article
The Huffington Post United Kingdom

The 2015 election will affect 16-year-olds as much as 18-year-olds, so we deserve the right to vote

Even people my age who don't see eye to eye with Labour values will support Ed Miliband's pre-election promise to grant 16-year-olds the vote.

Open uri20131123 31857 mqb4ze article

Teenagers invited to write for Ham&High's Young Readers' Edition

Daniel Wittenberg, 16-year-old editor of the Ham&High’s next Young Readers’ Edition, issues a call to other young writers to get involved.

O mhairi black facebook article
The Huffington Post United Kingdom

Now Is the Time for Young People to Revitalise Our Democracy

It's an accessible kind of politics that can turn five damned years into a period of progress, although it's up to us to make it happen.

1419996904092 article

2014 in pictures - Chelsea's football highlights from the past 12 months

It is the middle of the season but it is also the end of the calendar year and the official Chelsea website reviews a selection significant moments from 2014.

Open uri20130920 27727 diseud article

Alastair Campbell explains why drink should make us think

After his own battle against alcoholism, the former spin doctor has written a novel that reveals how addiction touches the lives of those close by.

Open uri20140531 20880 uekjtt article
The Guardian

My revision diary: students share their stories

Students describe what it's like to revise at three different stages of education: GCSEs, A-levels and university finals.